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With millions of dollars in sales and over 35,000 possitive feedback on ebay by the age of 24, Corey Kossack is the top man to come and see if you want to retire very early from a ebay business!

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In 2004, Corey Kossack was a college sophomore doing some online shopping from his dorm room for a digital camera memory card. One of his stops was eBay to see if he could find a deal. Although he says he always thought of eBay as a place for people to get rid of junk, he found someone selling hundreds of memory cards that day. This was clearly a businessperson, not an individual selling castoffs from their personal collection, and it changed Kossack’s thinking about eBay. He saw a business opportunity and wanted in.

2006 sales: $1 million

Projected 2007 sales: $3 million

Products: New DVDs, iPod accessories and video games

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Corey Kossack certainly wasn’t afraid to launch Koss DVD, a DVD store on eBay, as a college sophomore in January 2005. He started out buying packs of DVDs on eBay to sell off individually. He then contacted some of the largest DVD distributors so he could buy his inventory in bulk. He actually made one of his biggest deals from the study room in his dorm complex. Kossack, 23, recruited his mom to help with the back-office duties while he focused on growing the company and managing his studies.

It was a college mentor who encouraged Kossack to outsource his distribution in 2006–which helped his business skyrocket. “I negotiated with different suppliers so I could offer thousands of products out of distribution centers, instead of out of my mom’s house,” Kossack says. Increased efficiency in packaging and postage helped him manage the rapid growth. In fact, he even wrote a book,eBay Millionaire or Bust, detailing his cost-saving tricks. Now a student at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, a school specializing in entrepreneurship education, Kossack has sold over $1 million in DVDs.

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